Monday, July 27, 2009

"Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God" by Tricia Goyer + FREE Giveaway

"Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God" by Tricia Goyer is an intriguing book. It chronicles the story of a woman who finds God. Her path to religion did not start when she went to church as a child; it started when she had children. With children lost to abortion, pre-marital children, children from different fathers, and more, the main character has had her share of woe. She decided to turn her life around when she realized how God was shaping her life through her children. Sure, her mistakes couldn’t be undone, but she could be a better person for her children. By doing so, she taught her kids morals and led them through tough times. She also realizes that her children are children of God--tiny miracles in her womb. The woman accepts the fact that her children can learn to trust God in a simple yet profound way that she ought to mimic. Although the central message throughout the book is the same, the stories and anecdotes are not. Topics discussed in the book range from death, betrayal, feelings of insignificance, hormones, rejection, compassion, and more. While this book is best for mothers, those who do not have children will find the tale interesting...a view into the looking glass of motherhood, if you will.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.



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That Married Couple said...

I should get this book because (1) I'm the first person to comment, (2) I want to be a mom in the not too distant future, and (3) I'm related to you :)

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Teresa Konopka said...

Congratulations, Mrs. Brunner! You won. :D