Monday, July 27, 2009

"Ask Hayley, Volume 3" by Hayley DiMarco

"Ask Hayley:Real Answers for Today's Teen, Volume 3" by Hayley DiMarco is a superb conclusion to the "Ask Hayley" books. With all the appeal of the previous two, this one does not disappoint readers. Full of the same advice, quizzes, and glossy pages, this magazine book is hard to put down. While there is some relationship and family advice that the other two books have, this one has more advanced topics, such as college choices, idolatry, living for Christ, fashion, and jobs. By the time readers are done with this book, they will feel a jolt of satisfaction, fully confident that any problem they could encounter has been answered by Hayley and can be further resolved by looking for guidance in the Bible and trusting in God.

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