Monday, June 8, 2009

“You Are an Amazing Girl” by Ashley Rice

“You Are an Amazing Girl: A Very Special Book About Being You and Making Your Drams Come True” by Ashley Rice is an inspirational book that challenges readers to believe in themselves. Many poems and declarations announce just how grand the reader is. Rice urges the reader to feel good about herself and strive for greatness. Mistakes and weaknesses are acknowledged, but it is noted that the reader should always dust herself off and never give up. There is even space in the book for girls to write down their own dreams, goals, and accomplishments. The main focus is on making dreams that are extravagant but realistic (e.g.- becoming an astronaut over becoming a mermaid). Providentially, healthy living is encouraged, as well, for an overall state of taking care of oneself. All throughout the book, the reader is constantly reminded that she is special and amazing. Girls will adore this colorful book, equip with its wavy edges, glossy pages, and clever illustrations.

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