Monday, June 8, 2009

“Thanks for Being My Friend” by Ashley Rice

“Thanks for Being My Friend: A Special Book to Celebrate Friendship With Someone Very Important...You” by Ashley Rice is a fantastic book that applauds the value of friendship. The way the book is written, the poems and statements are geared towards the reader. It is as if the reader’s best friend made a collection of notes about the reader and presented it to her bounded. This book highlights the main characteristics of a friend and teaches young girls how to act towards others. For little ones who have yet to make friends, this book will give them hope that there is someone out there who will one day value her and share her secrets with her. For those that already have friends, this book could be a reminder of how special their friend is and why they should not take them for granted. Diversity is encouraged, as is talking to and learning from others that are different. Female readers will relish this colorful book with its glossy pages, enjoyable illustrations, and wavy edges.

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