Thursday, June 4, 2009

"God's Little Princess" By Sheila Walsh

"God's Little Princess" by Sheila Walsh is a devotional Bible for girls. The structure of the book is fun. There are Bible verses, beauty tips (for both the inside and outside), words of advice, songs, plays that have roles for the reader and mother, and much more. Girls are encouraged to show kindness and love to others. There are even quizzes on behavior with follow-ups to make sure the reader knows which choices are right. The book encourages children to act like little princesses, politeness and all.

Hardcover with rhinestones and glitter, this book is sure to attract young eyes. Also, the pages themselves are brightly colored with unique designs. Pictures galore fill the book to keep a young girl's attention. The print is large for little ones, as well. All throughout the book, the message of God's redeeming love is evident. Walsh verifies that readers will be princesses in God's royal court of heaven. She also suggests girls pray and come to God when they are sad or have done something wrong.

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