Monday, June 8, 2009

“Girls Rule” by Ashley Rice

“Girls Rule: A Very Special Book Created Especially for Girls” by Ashley Rice is a fun book full of advice for aspiring young women. It teaches young girls that they can be anything they set their minds to. It is also honed in on that readers are constantly loved, even when they feel a bit melancholy. Guardian angels are mentioned, and mountains are considered mere stepping stones that should be approached with bravado. There is even a cute part where a cartoon takes a bath; the poem discusses that, when life gets hard, readers can just relax with a soothing bath. Sisterhood is acknowledged, and it is declared that the reader is a star shining bright in the world. There is also additional space in the back of the book for girls to write down their dreams. Girls will greatly enjoy this colorful book with its wavy edges, glossy pages, and clever illustrations.

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