Friday, April 24, 2009

“His Name Is Jesus” by Max Lucado

“His Name Is Jesus” by Max Lucado is a great book for all. It is comprised of five parts--the birth, mission, death, resurrection, and legacy of Jesus Christ. The sections are thoughtfully put together. Stories of the Bible about Jesus are put into today’s terms, hardly ever exceeding three pages at a time. Also, poems are intermittently displaced throughout the book along with inspiring quotations. Excellent pictures surround Lucado’s words. Most are nature photographs, but some are purely man-made designs.

This book is delightful to read. It covers--in essence--all one could want to know about Jesus. Also, the pictures bring readers back to the fact of the Lord’s majesty. It is hard to read Lucado’s works, see the wonderful pictures, and think there is not a God. Lucado conveys the fact that God loves each and every one of us. Jesus took up the cross and died for our sins. Love, forgiveness, and redemption fill the pages. Lastly, this item is well worth it. It is hardcover with an etched cover, full of glossy pages, and even comes with a hard book slot.

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