Saturday, March 28, 2009

Responses to Reviews

“50 Athletes over 50 Teach Us to Live a Strong, Healthy Life” by DonMcGrath, PhD

"Boyology" by Sarah Burningham

"Brand New Emily" by Ginger Rue

"China Clipper" by Jamie Dodson

"Cowgirl Dreams" by Heidi M. Thomas

Deadlock by Al and Jo Lacy

"Hiding Glory" and "Marvel the Marvelous" by Laura Chester

"Love, Aubrey" by Suzanne LaFleur

"Noonie's Masterpiece" by Lisa Railsback

"Solving Zoe" by Barbara Dee

"The Channel: Stories From L.A." by Susan Alcott Jardine

"The Crown" by Deborah Chester

"The Fight of Your Life: Why Your Teen is at Risk & What Only You Can Do About It " by Jeffery Dean

"The Rule of Won" by Stefan Petrucha

"The Solar Sea" by David Lee Summers

"Your Best Body Now" by Ashley Marriott and Marc L. Paulsen, MD

"WWW: Wake" by Robert J. Sawyer

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